The future is simple, secure, and sustainable. Data storage ready for the modern world. 

IT complexity continues to grow while the global macroeconomic environment remains unsettled. There’s a drive toward sustainable technology spurred on by a more urgent focus on rising energy prices. And, of course, the exponential increase in cyberthreats continues. There’s a lot on your plate, and your data storage shouldn’t add more worries to your list. 

But what does it take to ensure that your data storage is ready for the future? NetApp and BlueAlly hold the answers.

NetApp and BlueAlly are ready for your challenges and ready for your data 

For over 30 years, NetApp has been the leading innovator in data storage, offering the only portfolio in the market with a single, unified data management system—NetApp® ONTAP®—for file, block, and object storage running on performance flash, capacity flash, and hybrid flash.  

NetApp’s broad portfolio helps you modernize your infrastructure with high-density capacity flash or dedicated block storage for mission-critical applications. Don’t forget about NetApp Advance, our streamlined ownership experience that eliminates tech refresh challenges, maintains security, guarantees efficiency, and provides a path to the cloud.

Simple, secure, and sustainable: Data storage ready for the modern world

  • Secure. Keep your business-critical data protected with complete, integrated cyber resilience, security, and compliance.  
  • Cost-effective. Reduce expenditure with continuous optimization and cost monitoring accessible anywhere. 
  • Sustainable. Significantly reduce your carbon footprint with hardware innovation and infrastructure. 
  • Efficient. Run apps anywhere and everywhere with unified, consistent operations.

Case Studies

Discover how NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP facilitated a smooth transition to the cloud for a federal client. Overcome the challenges of legacy systems and cold data storage with this military-grade solution, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the Department of Defense.

With flash storage backed by guaranteed efficiencies and hybrid cloud connectivity, you can be sure your modern storage solution is:

  • Multi-tenancy systems
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data-at-rest encryption 

Download the case study now to learn the secrets of successful cloud migration in the public sector.

Think you know the future of storage? Think again.

For more information, download NetApp’s fact sheet.

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The future is simple, secure, and sustainable with NetApp’s new portfolio of data storage systems.  

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