Managed Network Services

n2grate leverages NetCraftsmen’s managed services offering, Craftsmen Assurance, which provides ongoing,
fixed-fee engagements for all of your IT infrastructure needs which can include proactive, strategic consulting services.

Craftsmen Assurance

Unlike some managed services offerings that only include IT infrastructure monitoring and management, all our services are available within a Craftsmen Assurance Managed Services engagement for a predictable level of spend. Instead of repeating the cycle of hiring a service provider to address a problem, let our team proactively keep your systems updated and anticipate what’s next, preparing you for the future.

Levels of Engagement

Every Craftsmen Assurance engagement is customized to each client’s needs, leveraging proven methodologies. General levels of service include:


At this baseline level, we install and manage Network Management Solution instrumentation which allows you to effectively maintain your own IT operations centers and ITSM for incident and problem management. In addition, we provide quarterly business reviews with recommendations on system improvements and initiatives.


We add the NetCraftsmen team to lead and manage incident response and maintain your system for you. This level adds Lifecycle Services Health Checks and full 24 x 7 x 365 Incident Management & Response via our operations centers.


The ultimate partnership level provides ongoing Enterprise Strategic Planning. Our NetCraftsmen strategists working with you to proactively develop and execute an Enterprise IT Strategy that supports your specific business requirements and ensures your organization’s technology and IT infrastructure is well-prepared for the future. Premier also adds Lifecycle Services Compliance which provides ongoing configuration & software compliance services.

Technical Staff Services

Every level can be augmented by incremental engineering and operational support hours to execute discrete initiatives, embedded into the ongoing fixed-fee for the term of the contract.

Benefits to You and Your Team


Craftsmen Assurance allows you to manage your everyday IT needs more effectively and efficiently.

Predictability of Cost

With predictable, fixed costs over the term of the engagement you can plan your budget and won’t be surprised by large, unforeseen expenses.

Flexibility to Scale Your Team

Leveraging your partnership with NetCraftsmen, you have the flexibility & scalability to shift your IT staff and budget up and down without the need for hiring or force reduction.

Time to Focus on the Future

With Craftsmen Assurance, your team can focus on organizational priorities, contributing to business outcomes and staying ahead of technology trends instead of fighting fires.

Rest Assured®

You can sleep easy, knowing that the complexities of managing your IT infrastructure are being handled by NetCraftsmen, reducing the likelihood of any major outages or downtime.

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