How This Air Force Organization Achieved 100% Data Protection

Airforce Case Study Header

A large Air Force organization worked with n2grate to design an enterprise backup and data management solution. We quickly and cost effectively delivered a customized solution, with our partner Commvault, to provide data protection across the whole enterprise. This Air Force organization has 13 significantly sized locations across the nation, with each location an entity unto its own.

The Problem

The Air Force organization had been backing up mission critical data using outdated software with increasing error rates and far too often failures to complete. They were also unable to take advantage of new features and capabilities offered by more current versions of the software.

The Solution

n2grate and Commvault were able to quickly upgrade them to the newest software versions while converting to a more modern subscription model. This new cost was nearly the same as the maintenance of the old solution. n2grate and CommVault implemented this upgrade by visiting each of the organization’s 13 locations, ensuring they were all brought up to the same standard operating level. The upgrade also allowed the client to utilize new data protection features organization-wide ensuring standardized operations and support across the enterprise.

The Results

The enterprise is now working on the same level of software and all functions are being utilized confirming they have a 100% data protection success rate with minimal errors.